About Us

At UnjhaSpice, we appraise quality and tradition. UnjhaSpice was started by individuals who value traditions and culture. Due to extreme hardwork and dedication, UnjhaSpice has become the leading spices distributor in the world. We deliver the traditional taste of Indian Spices throughout the world. UnjhaSpice serves traditional taste worldwide with our authentic spices. We offer all sorts of tastes that emerge the traditional taste in Indian Foods.


Our mission is to build a relationship of trust with our customers by creating and marketing quality products. Our customers need to feel completely satisfied with our service.


Our vision is to maintain and raise our reputation through quality, trust, and services. Not only in the market, but in the hearts of our customers.


Quality is essential to maintain the relationship with customers. To ensure quality, UnjhaSpice cleans, processes, and packages premium quality spices in an excellent hygenic atmosphere.


UnjhaSpice offers all sorts of authentic spices including, Jeera, Saunf, Rai, Methi, Haldi, Mirchi, Ajwain, Tal, Dhana Dal and so much more. All these products are present in retailers all across Canada.